Totally Boom is the merchandising arm of the grassroots music venue BOOM located in Leeds, UK. BOOM is an established venue dedicated to promoting punk, hardcore and metal bands at every level from first time on stage bands to established international touring bands. The venue provides a unique experience in the UK for everyone involved with punk morals at the heart of everything we do.

Bands that have graced the stage of our venue over the years include Code Orange, Agnostic Front, Gallows, ROAM, Voivod, Power Trip, Madball, Wormrot, Discharge, Moose Blood, H2O, slowthai and hundreds more from across the globe.

If you make a purchase on this store you are directly supporting a grassroots music venue in the UK as-well as bands & artists across the globe. Thankyou.

Every purchase on the store also benefits the bands with fair agreements direct with the artists to help them maintain an income during the global crisis.

Totally Boom - Boom Leeds - Live Music Venue
BOOM main stage, photo by natashakoz.


The link between punk and DIY music and screen printing is not anything new. Punks and bands have been screen printing their own merchandise for years. Our venue has installed a professional screen printing studio and our dedicated team have the skills required to produce high quality products for fans across the globe.

Our print studio is situated in Leeds, United Kingdom and ships globally.

You can be happy in the knowledge that your printed products have been directly produced by employees of an independent business that actively supports alternative music genres.