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About The F.U.'s

The F.U.’s were an early-mid 80’s Boston Hardcore punk band. They took their name from a comment Wendy O. Williams made in an interview in which she said something to the effect that “Punk rock is a way of saying ‘F you’ to society.”
They played fast, snotty thrash/hardcore, although like many ’80s hardcore bands (and especially Boston hardcore bands), they later switched to a more hard rock/heavy metal sound. Their first recorded output was on the 1982 Modern Method compilation, This Is Boston, Not L.A., which also featured Gang Green, Jerry’s Kids and The Freeze, among others. A companion 7″ EP, Unsafe At Any Speed, included another F.U.’s track. Later the same year, their debut LP, Kill For Christ, was released on X-Claim Records, featuring cover artwork by legendary artist (and Septic Death frontman) Brian ‘Pushead’ Schroeder.