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When New York hardcore was young it was known for its straightedge crews and positive hardcore…then along came SHEER TERROR and New York would never be the same. With a spit-in-your-face attitude and apathetic pride, Sheer Terror called out to the masses and built up one of the most loyal followings of any hardcore band.

This bands career spans two decades and has spawned 3 official full length records as well as numerous EPs, 7” records, bootlegs, and re-releases. Sheer Terror has also embarked on many U.S. and European tours during their career. Anyone who was lucky enough to see this band knows that a Sheer Terror live show included all of the classic musical hits as well as the between songs rantings of frontman Rev. Paul Bearer.

The “Drop Dead And Go To Hell” CD released on Dead City was recorded in 1997 at the legendary CBGB club in New York City and this CD has all of the hits. As a bonus there is even extra banter from The Rev Paul from various shows throughout the world. Many bands today still try to capture the passion of true hated and empathy that Sheer Terror started. None can compare to the original.

When speaking of Sheer Terror the one thing comes to mind instantly is the vocalist Rev. Paul Bearer. Paul’s in between song banter became just as legendary as Sheer Terror’s music itself. To put it bluntly Paul spoke his mind…and you want to talk about brutal honesty! No one was safe from Pauls twisted tongue. Not politicians, not religion, not other musicians, and especially not the audience. Dead City was lucky enough to get a hold of some pretty rare live tapes of Sheer Terror thoughout the years and compiled the best of Pauls ranting. Aptly titled “No Really Go Fuck Yourself”, this limited edition colored vinyl LP released on Dead City features the best of those moments on stage when Paul decided to speak his mind. Features banter from various shows around the world throughout the bands history. No music…only words to live by!