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About The Struggle

Over the past years The Struggle have amassed some incredible experiences under their belts. Having played the legendary Rebellion festival twice and made international trips to France, Germany and Ireland. They played Boom a couple of years back in the good company of Harrington Saints. They have shared the stage with many great bands from the scene including Crim, Lions Law, Komintern Sect, Angelic Upstarts, The Members, The Skids, Major Accident, In Evil Hour, Argy Bargy and many many more. Their debut 7” was released by Pirates Press Records in collaboration with Berlin’s punk and hardcore institution Core Tex, and the follow-up album “Endless” was issued by Pirates Press Records and Contra Records. A self-released mini CD entitled “Banging My Head” mopped up some compilation tracks, a cover song and a couple of new tunes. Watch out for the vinyl debut of the song “Rat Race” on a compilation double LP coming out on Unity Worldwide with bands such as Youth of Today, Sick of It All, Winds Of Promise, Field Day, As Friends Rust, Cock Sparrer, Lions Law and loads more. The Struggle feature current members of Gimp Fist, Crashed Out, Last Rough Cause and Voorhees.